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Day and night clock v2.10.17 (Unlocked) Apk

⌚ Nightdream ⏰

… a desk clock that is also suitable for the night. In dock mode, this app provides a simple digital clock that automatically adjusts its brightness. During the day the screen is bright, but during the night its brightness is reduced to minimum brightness. Simply adjust the font size using a two-finger zoom gesture.

⌚ reverie ⏰

This app can be used as a daydream from Android 4.2.

⏰ Quick alarms ⌚

By swiping your finger from the left, you can set the alarm clock. Delete it by tapping on the lower right corner.

⌚ Drums ⏰

When charging your mobile device, an estimated time is calculated until the battery is full.

⏰ Notifications ⌚

You can turn on notifications for missed phone calls, GMail, WhatsApp and Twitter. In Android 4.3+, go to Settings> Security> Access to notifications> Enable NightDream.

In earlier versions of Android, go to Settings> Accessibility> Turn on NightDream.

⌚ In-app payments ⏰

Current weather conditions can be displayed below the time. This feature purchased in the app

The project is open source. If you want to send a donation, you can do so through an in-app purchase.

These permissions allow you to deactivate the device in night mode.

In night mode, the screen can be deactivated. It can be reactivated if a certain level of ambient noise is reached. Therefore, the app continuously records audio. The app does not store audio data

The application is authorized to wake the device from sleep mode in order to activate the screen and keep it on.

Permission is required to play background images from external storage.

Screen lock

This app uses the permission of the device administrator. The permission is exclusively used to lock the screen when the app is running. Before uninstalling the app, permission must be revoked.


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