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Construction Calc Pro v6.55 (Paid) APK

Build Calc Pro

Save money by quickly estimating materials. Save time by calculating angles, measurements, and quantities. A handy pocket calculator perfect for anyone in the construction industry.

83 powerful, proven and accurate calculators and calculators in one app.

Enter the measurements for calculators in feet / inches or metric.

Automatic application updates

Construction Calc Pro has taken 21,500 lines of development code and is the easiest to use construction calculator and estimator application available on any mobile platform. There is no complicated guide to mastery or instructions to follow – just enter data and get accurate results from the calculators.

High visibility in direct sunlight

White on black text, with blue and orange inputs and outputs for high visibility of the app in direct sunlight.


Visit the application website at http://www.constructioncalcpro.com/

Email support

If you are facing any problems downloading this app, or have any other inquiries, please email us at [email protected] thank you.

Calculators and Estimates Include:


Inputs: width, length, thickness, density, wastage
Outputs: Estimate weight and volume


Inputs: Width, Length, Thickness
Outputs: Estimate weight and volume


Inputs: running length, handrail width, handrail spacing
Outputs: quantity of handrails, quantity spacings, handrail spacing (center to center), handrail spacing (edge ​​to edge), measurements to the far side of each handrail

Board / footsteps feet

Input: thickness, width, length, quantity
Outputs: Board Feet, Lineal Feet

Concrete – rectangular

Inputs: width, length, thickness, use of rebar option, rebar spacing along width, rebar spacing along length
Outputs: Volume Estimate, 60lbs Pre-mixed Bags, 80lbs Pre-mixed Bags, 10kg Pre-mixed Bags, 25kg Pre-mixed Bags, 50kg Pre-mixed Bags, Rebar Required

Casting a crown

Inputs: wall angle (wall angle), crown angle (spring)
Outputs: miter angle, bevel angle

Drop the ceiling

Inputs: height at ceiling, width to ceiling, size of tiles, distance (anchor to drop roof)
Outputs: roof area estimation, roof tiles, perimeter molding, main trusses, bearing support pieces, wire length (each), wire length (total), wire anchors

Gypsum wall

Inputs: room width, room length, room height, panel width, panel height, ceiling option included
Outputs: Estimated area – surface area. Material – drywall panels. Joint Composites – Ready-made, lightweight pre-set, setup type, and lightweight setup type. Fastener – drywall nails, drywall nails. Additional tools: joint tape, foundation, adhesive


Input: width, length, wastage, square feet or m per box
Outputs: total area, required funds


Input: Total Area Width, Total Area Length, Bat / Roll Width, Bat / Roll Length
Outputs: Bates / Rolls required, total area

Linear cost estimator

Inputs: Single Panel Length, Panel Quantity, Linear Foot Cost, Linear Meter Cost
Outputs: total cost, total length


Inputs: wall length, wall height, number of layers, surface type
Outputs: estimate of required gallons, required liters


Input: run, step (/ 12 “)
Outputs: Rafter length


Inputs: width, length, pitch, square feet or meters per pack, type, spikes, margin of safety
Outputs: surface area, beams required, nails

SQ cost estimateΒ Β 

Input: width, length, cost per square foot or m
Outputs: total cost, total area, total area (acres)

SQUARING (3-4-5)

Input: width and length
Outputs: diagonal


Inputs: total height, custom height, custom operation
Outputs: Riser Height, Total Rises, Tread Run, Total Tread, Total Range, Stringer Panel Length, Height, Stringer Points Running

TilesΒ Β 

Inputs: room width, room length, tile width, tile length, use of tile border option, border tile width, border tile length, tile pattern, margin of safety
Outputs: required tile estimate, required boundary tile


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