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Cashier – Store Accounts v1.2.10 (Premium) APK

Cashier is a sales, warehouse and accounting software for managing store and store accounts

If you own a business or your own store and want to control the accounts in it and know the store’s daily, monthly and annual sales and the profits it achieves.
If you want to increase the profits of your shop or store, control the accounts, and know the products or items that generate more profits for you, the products or items that generate more sales for you, and other performance indicators.

If you want an integrated sales and purchases program to manage your store’s accounts without the need to buy computers and purchase an account, sales and warehouse program at a high cost, now with the Cashier application, all of this will be in your hands in one application on your mobile phone.

If you want to save sales invoices and purchase invoices within a sales invoices program, you can save all invoices inside the application and search within them with ease. Yes, with ease, it is an accounting program that is the first application that contains several accounting programs that integrate with each other to adjust accounts for you easily and simply.

– To increase your store’s profits and control all your store accounts intelligently and accurately
– To know the accounts of suppliers and customers
– To find out the bills of the paid and unpaid suppliers and customers and the remaining amounts for them
– To find out the remaining quantities in your store of products and items
– To find out the best selling products in your store
– To find out the most profitable products in your store
– To monitor your average daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales and profits
– To sell your products easily through the product barcode on the phone’s camera
– There is no place for a calculator in your store after today, as the application performs all the calculations automatically

Application possibilities

In order to control your store’s accounts in the traditional way, you need a computer (computer) as well as a barcode reader connected to it, and then you buy one of the traditional account programs. And then you can control your sales and purchases in a smart and simple way.

The Cashier application provides you with a section for buying and selling, registering purchase and selling invoices, and a section for the store with all the information about products, items, selling and purchase prices, classifications, description of each product and a section for suppliers and customers that contains all their data and the amounts remaining for them or them according to the registered invoices and a section to manage all accounts, reports, profits and a percentage of profits Your position in the period and period you specify.

The Cashier application enables you to save and restore your data with ease by taking a backup copy of the data at any time.

The Cashier application gives you a great feature that enables you to share products and take a copy of them at the same purchase and sale prices and transfer them to another phone simply so that no one else can work with you and do sales movements from his phone without being restricted to one phone.

Through the application, you can make for yourself a daily, monthly or yearly accounting to track the performance of the sale and purchase movements in your shop or store.

If you have a new business and intend to buy a computer device to a barcode reader and a store account program to control your store’s accounts, you need all of that. In your hand, the Cashier cashier application, download it now, and we are happy to answer all inquiries through the WhatsApp number for the technical

support service located inside The application …… If you like the application, we are happy to support us and you to evaluate the application.


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