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Camera 4K, UHD, Panorama, Selfie v1.8.1 build 27 (Paid) Apk

Some features depend on camera hardware or functionality, Android version etc. It may not be available on all devices because it can be connected.

♠ Panorama (rear camera and front camera)
♦ Support HDR (with auto alignment and ghost removal) and exposure bracketing.
♠ RAW (DNG) support
♦ Choose a storage location
♠ Camera2 API support: manual controls (with optional focus assist); mode of explosion; daily profile video.
♦ Mpeg video formats – 3GPP, Webm
♠ Slow motion video, fast moving video
♦ Photo format JPEG, WebP, PNG
♠ Optional GPS location tagging of photos and videos
♦ Apply date and time, location coordinates and custom text to photos; Record the date / time and location as video subtitles (.SRT).
♠ Naming prefix for photos and videos
♦ Do not hold the photo after it is taken
♠ Ghost image

♦ Equalizer and timer sound on / off
♠ Configurable volume keys
♦ Possibility to take pictures remotely by making a sound or with the voice command “cheese”.
♠ Scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, selfie with “screen flash”, HD video and more.
♦ Convenient remote controls: timer (with optional audio countdown), auto repeat mode (with configurable delay).
♠ Auto level option
♦ Onscreen histogram, zebra stripes, tip focus options.
♠ Colorful line color, focus paint color, text color.
♦ Configurable user interface. (Location of icons)
♠ Upside down preview option for use with removable lenses.
♦ Different grids and cutting guides
♠ Video frame rate
♦ Noise reduction (including low light night mode) and dynamic range optimization modes.
♠ Focus bracketing mode.

This application is an advanced version of an open source application.

What’s New?

Fixed an issue where video captions would stop before the end of the video when using the storage access frame.
Fixed hiding of the manual focus search and focus bracketing bars in immersive mode.
Artist, Copyright exif tag options are now supported on Android 6 or earlier.
Fixed “More camera controls / Use storage access frame”
Viewing .SRT files in Gallery apps.
New languages have been added and corrected.
Various bug fixes.


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