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Blue Light Filter & Night Mode v4.05.0 (Paid) Apk

No need for a blue light screen with The Blue Light Filter – Night Mode for Android ideal for filtering light in the evening, allowing you to sleep well and preventing insomnia and headaches caused by the blue light on your screen.This blue light filter contains warm colors that protect the eyes from the blue wavelength emitted by the screens of your devices and make it easy for you to fall asleep.The night mode of our application against blue light prevents you from eye fatigue and protects your eyes from the flow of light from the screen which may disrupt the circadian rhythm, cause insomnia, sleep disorder, chronic migraines, headaches.chronic headaches, as well as cataracts.

What is blue light?

Part of the visible light spectrum (380-550 nm) that disrupts the circadian rhythm and causes insomnia. Unlike red light, blue screen light blocks the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, and causes a sleep disorder that is very harmful to your health. Retinal neurons are at risk if the blue light filter is not used at night.

The harmful effects of blue screen light are:

– Risk of macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.
– Phase shift of the circadian rhythm, sleep disturbance, insomnia and blockage of melatonin production.
– No more headaches, nocturnal migraines and activation of the trigeminal nerve, associated with chronic migraines.

How to sleep well, avoid eye fatigue and eliminate exposure to blue light?

Our Night Mode app for Android acts as a built-in screen brightness regulator and warm color mode helps prevent adverse health effects by alleviating sleep disturbance and chronic headaches while reading at night. .

Blue light filter – Night mode includes:

– Pre-defined blue light filters – Check out the 5 built-in bluelight filters to activate night mode and warm light (red light that ensures the production of melatonin) for eye protection. These blue light filters fight against macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. No need for anti-blue light glasses as they help filter the blue light from the screen when reading at night.

– Saving and editing night mode blue light filters – Create and edit a night filter or create a set of filters to protect the eyes, regulate the circadian rhythm, sleep better and ensure melatonin production.

– Screen dimming below system minimum – Use “Dim” screen brightness dimmer to protect eyes from blue light. Optimal for the prevention of chronic headaches during night reading because it provides a soothing warm screen light.

– Temperature customization – Use the “Temperature” palette to adjust the intensity of your light warm (night mode) or a cooler shade on your blue light filter. The colors of red light (night light) are recommended as a blue light filter and used as a night screen brightness against chronic migraine and sleep disorder.

– Color customization – Use the “Color” palette to adjust the hue, intensity and brightness of your screen at night.

– RGB Customization – Use “RGB” to fine tune your nighttime reading filter. Fix your sleep disorder and find out how to sleep well by increasing your melatonin.

– Turn night mode on and off – Make sure the blue light filter is always on at night for eye protection and insomnia / sleep disorder.

– Eco Mode – Reduces energy consumption through the use of the filter.

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