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Auto RDM – Recover Deleted Messages: WA Recovery v1.8.2 (Pro Mod) APK

Don’t miss a thing on your favorite messaging platforms. Recover text messages and restore deleted media files with Auto RDM.

The # 1 tool for recovering deleted messages.

Annoyed when your friends delete their messages before you’ve read them? Have you ever wished you had a deleted message recovery app?

You have just found the solution: Auto RDM!

Auto RDM is an app that will allow you to recover deleted messages by scanning your notifications. With this App, not only can you recover text messages, but also attachments (photos, videos, voice messages, audio files, animated gifs and stickers)!


Recover deleted messages
Auto RDM is the perfect app to recover deleted messages by scanning notifications on your device. Recovering deleted messages has never been easier!

Restore media files
Recover all kinds of attachments such as photos, videos, voicemail messages, audio files, animated gifs and stickers. Auto RDM is a universal tool that goes beyond just recovering deleted messages.

Status Saver
You can also use the status saver function (for photos and videos) and repost / share with your friends.

Direct messaging
Send direct messages to any number on WhatsApp, even if it’s not saved in your contact list.

Dark Mode Deleted Message Recovery Tool
Save your eyes by viewing deleted messages in dark mode! 🙂 Take advantage of our dark mode option and recover deleted messages instantly.

How does it work?
The app cannot directly access messages because they are stored encrypted. Auto RDM reads messages from notifications and creates backups. When a message is deleted and a backup of that message exists, the app sends you a notification with the contents of the deleted message.

Restore media files
Auto RDM records any media attached to the message. Restore media files with just a few clicks and view deleted messages with ease.
Auto RDM can recover photos, videos, animated gifs, audio files, voicemail messages, documents, and stickers if the sender deletes them. One-stop app to recover deleted text messages and restore media files!

Auto RDM will not work in the following cases:

-If you have turned on mute for a conversation
-If you are viewing the conversation
-If you have turned off notifications on your device.
-If the messages were deleted before you installed the app

Recover and view deleted messages with the Auto RDM app!

How to recover deleted text messages?
+ It’s very easy, use our deleted message recovery tool! ☑

Do I have to use another app to restore media files?
+ No need! With Auto RDM, you get two apps in one to restore media files and recover deleted text messages!

Is there an effective deleted message recovery tool?
+ You found it! Recover deleted messages instantly!

What is the best tool to recover deleted messages?
+ It’s simple: Auto RDM! 🙂

Is there a quick way to restore text messages?
+ Our app is fast and reliable. Recover deleted text messages with ease.

Note: – The Auto RDM app is not affiliated with any other app, nor does it claim ownership of a registered trademark for the purpose of using the name and logo of any other third party app.

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