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AppDash: App manager & backup v1.27 (Mod Unlocked) APK

• Complete application manager
• Tag your apps, perform batch actions, share app lists
•Back up and restore applications
• Analyze, extract and install APK, APKS, XAPK and APKM files
• View your most used apps, app install / update history, easily delete unused apps
•Detailed application information including manifest, components and metadata
• Search, sort and filter applications

To explore
See new and updated apps, quick tag summaries, app usage, storage summary, unused and recently uninstalled apps

Find, sort and filter a list of installed apps. Long press or tap the app icon to select one or more apps for batch actions, such as backup or uninstall

Another way to view your apps, you can create up to 30 groups of customizable tags and easily add or remove apps. Perform batch actions, such as backing up or creating shareable application lists.

The auto tag feature will categorize your apps automatically. You can easily remove these tags and create your own, or modify them as you wish.

A searchable, sortable and filterable list of backups, including batch actions.

For root users, AppDash offers full backup and restore of apps, app data, external app data, and extension files (OBB). Please note that some apps don’t like backup and restore, so use at your own risk.

For root and non-root users, you can enable the auto-backup feature, which will automatically back up apps whenever they are updated.

The Tools screen allows quick access to the history, usage, and tools of the application to install or analyze APK files. AppDash can handle any split APK format.

Navigation and user interface
AppDash is a new class of apps that allows for deep navigation. Each tab works independently, with its own backstack, allowing you to multitask and compare app details between tabs. You can always go back to the beginning by double-tapping the icon in the bottom navigation bar or with the back button or gesture.

Application details
All the info you could want about an app, with a bottom drawer filled with actions like launch, save, uninstall, share, extract and more. View internal details like permissions, manifest, and app components. You can also save notes on an app.

Maintains a list of application events. The longer AppDash is installed, the more information will be displayed. On first launch, it only displays the first install and the most recent update Use

Get details on screen time and number of launches. By default, a weekly average is displayed. Tap the bar graph to view details for each day. You can view usage details for individual apps or for tags.

Large applications
Shows all applications using at least 100MB of storage. For root users, you can also quickly clear the cache to increase disk space.

Install APKs
Launches the System File Picker so you can select one or more files to install.

APK Analyzer

Similar to the Application Details screen, it scans the selected file to get detailed information about the application. You can also launch APK parser from most file explorers by clicking “Open With” and selecting AppDash.

As with all of my apps, there is no advertising and no user data is collected or monetized. The only income comes from a subscription or an in-app purchase. There is a free trial, but you must purchase the app or a subscription to continue using AppDash for more than seven days. This load is

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