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ApkModifier v3.6 (Mod) Apk

ApkModifier A New Generation of Apk Editing Software!

We all used the Luo Mao wood apk editor bar, almost eight years ago began to publish, at that time its Apk editor can be described as unique.

However, ApkEditor seems to have been unable to modify the current software, and many open errors, do not support Andrews 5.0 or higher, for which I made a simple, powerful software interface than ApkEditor.

This software has a very small size, can be described as “the sparrow is small, fully equipped”, the software has no payment function, all purposes are interested.


1. File manager functions (copy, cut, paste, delete, rename)
2. Zip manager, in the opened compressed file, you can switch to internal files, edit, and no confirmation is not saved.
3. Signature Apk
4.Library file symbol name editor (can change symbol name in so-so, but can ensure hash table symbol name is fixed correctly, if you want to clone apk, if package has a medium package name, which played a role)
5. Zipalign compressed packet byte alignment
6. Coexistence Apk
7.Res resource file confusion (if need to display QQ package inside the file and couldn’t find res folder, only r folder, in fact it uses similar encryption)
8. Decompile and compile the Dex file (phone side apktool can, but the installation package is very large)
9. Apk files and images may show thumbnails
10.arsc, dex, xml Changing the string constant

What’s New?

Solve the problem of oat, odex, vdex, dex art failure
Solve the issue that some software cannot be used after confusing res resources.
Optimization of interface details
Fix some issues that prevent apk install after signing due to signing issue
Improve zipalign


Modified menu of Uv.AnBo39
Russian translation from scratch.
Cleaned up resources and code.
Fixed themes, now they don’t seem so pathetic.
New icons in PixelUI style.
Languages: Russian, English.
Processor architectures: arm and arm64.


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