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Android 12 Clock Widgets v8.3 (Premium Mod) APK

It is the first and original app for Android 12 Clock widgets with over 100,000 downloads. And It is safe, lightweight, and uses no batteries.
It provides clock widgets with the same styling as Android 12 and it is a standalone app that doesn’t need any additional apps to set up widgets.

Question: Is this just a copy of the Google Android 12 Stock Clock widgets?
Answer: no, the app doesn’t just copy the Stock Android 12 Widgets design and put it into an app that can work with any version of Android! the following points explain the answer:

1- The app contains creative additions and touches to the original designs.
2- It has full customization capabilities that Stock Android 12 does not have.
3 – The app includes new and more creative clock designs which are made in the same professional and high quality concept of Material You.

Application features:
• It is a stand-alone application, which means that it does not need any other tools to configure widgets, resulting in a more efficient, lighter and more user-friendly application and widgets.
• Fully customizable widgets with a user-friendly and beautiful customization interface.
•The app includes a themed analog clock based on light, dark and system
• Custom high-end analog and digital styles
• Mixed animated analog and digital clocks and native seconds animation on devices running Android 12

Privacy Policy:
▪︎ Android 12 Clock Widgets does not collect, store, use, share or have access to any type of personal user information and does not have any mandatory special permissions required.
•The application has no additional services aimed at collecting user data for any type of use, except native services which are used by default such as Google Play services.
• The app does not perform any actions without user approval, such as adding widgets / shortcuts to the home screen.

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