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Ampere v3.27 (Pro) Apk

When you will put on Charge your phone Ampere charger current will inform you that how much mAH charging current is being received and battery information. ampere charger current can prevent you from using bad Charger.
It also informs that how many mAH Charging current mobile phones take when connected with USB cable or chargers (AC/wireless).
Free features:
★ Alerts on device
Amp charger current notifies you when your battery is fully charged or low or hot. You can also select battery level and many customization.
Ampere charger currents measure most accurately Charging time and Volt. However it is only good to evaluate that which Charger is most suitable for your device
The current of charger in mA depends on many things:
– chargers (USB/AC/Wireless)
– USB cable
– GPS state
– Phone type
– Current tasks running
– Display brightness
– WiFi state
Ampere charger current is very light itself and super app. Design is simple so that consumes very little Battery.
Battery information
Battery Charging Level
Battery Health
Battery Technology
Plug Type
Battery status
Battery Usage
Remaining level of charging in Battery
Model of phone
Build ID of phone
Version of android system
API Level

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