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All Files Converter – PDF, DOC, JPG, GIF, MP3, AVI v43.0 (Pro Mod) APK

All Files Converter – Office Suite: PDF, JPG, MP3 is a file converter that allows you to convert files to other extensions: convert PDF to DOC, TXT, PPT, WORD, JPG, PNG, XLS. Convert JPG to PNG, BMP, GIF. Convert MP3 to WAV, WMA. And Convert AVI to MP4, MPG and more. This universal converter can handle all your files and it can convert documents, music, videos and images to various formats. Choose extension and output format and convert any file, it is just perfect to fit any file to any requirement.

All Files Converter – Office Suite: PDF, JPG, MP3:

– Universal converter to transform files into other formats:
You can choose to convert any type of file to any format. Convert documents, photos and images, music and videos. Universal converter all in one.

– Document converter: You can convert documents to different formats: PDF, DOC, TXT, PPT, XLS, ODT, RTF, PNG, JPG.

– Photo converter: You can convert images to these formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, EPS, PSD, PDF.

– PDF Reader, Creator and Editor
Use the built-in PDF document reader or any other document reader already installed. Edit your files by logging into Scanner App and its PDF editor. Creating custom PDFs and sharing them in a format that suits you is now a reality.

– Document scanner
Scan documents with the Camera Scanner app, it connects directly to the document converter and shares your files directly from the scanner by converting them to any format.

– Text recognition and document translator
Use the direct function to share your documents through the Camera Translator Scanner application and thus, you can recognize the text of the documents or you can also translate the text in all languages ​​of the world.

– Ideal for working
This app scans, copies, translates and converts any Excel photo, image, table or chart. It also edits and converts your photos and changes the extension to make it in the desired format, it sends the transformed documents directly from the file converter.

– Share your files with other tools and applications
Share your converted documents with any social network or messaging app. Link your jobs to Camera Scanner and Camera Translator and make it an app with the best tools.

Easily and quickly, you can convert documents to other formats, create PDFs from documents and photos, transform files, and create new documents in other formats. You can use this converter as a quick and easy file converter or you can convert any file in your device to any format. You can convert music files, video files, image files, or document files. And You won’t have any problem with the file format anymore since you can convert DOC to PDF, PDF to DOC, PDF to JPG, JPG to PDF, MP3 to FLAC, MP4 to MPG and many more combinations again thanks to the Office Suite Converter.

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